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AHRS Mobile FLEETS is a mobile application platform that automates an IRS-compliant, GPS-based, accountable record of per diem for long-haul drivers and motor carriers.
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Driver-Designed Mobile Technology

Truckers designed it. Tax pros built it. Your drivers want it. Our cloud-based FLEETS mobile app platform enables motor carriers to easily implement an IRS-compliant fleet trucker per diem program.
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AHRS Mobile for Fleets

No matter how big or small your company is, AHRS Mobile has a solution for you. AHRS FLEETS is a mobile application platform that automates administration of an IRS-compliant per diem program and is easily managed through the AHRS Mobile web services portal. 

About AHRS Mobile

Atlantic HR Solutions is a leading provider of innovative fleet solutions for the transportation industry. Since 2004, Atlantic HR Solutions, Inc has developed intuitive business processes and software applications for the trucking industry, including IRS-compliant per diem programs.
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Why AHRS Mobile?

Since 2016, AHRS Mobile, powered by Per Diem Plus™, has been the only IRS-compliant, automated per diem tracking and reporting solution requiring nothing more than a mobile device.

IRS Tax Code Compliant

AHRS Mobile, powered by Per Diem Plus®, is the only IRS-compliant replacement for ELD backups to prove trucker per diem. The app applies IRS-established Special Transportation Industry per diem rules for travel in the USA and Canada for solo and team drivers. 

Fully Automated

You have more important things to do than “play with an app”. We automatically track each qualifying day and partial day of travel away from home and create itemized per diem and expense reports whenever you want them.

GPS Based Tracking

AHRS Mobile utilizes your mobile device’s GPS to establish IRS-required “time, date and place” substantiation to prove away-from-home travel.


Drivers have logged millions of miles using AHRS Mobile! Join those that value their time, love to eliminate paperwork, and want to simplify tax returns and save money.

AHRS Mobile App Highlights

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Easy Setup

An IRS-compliant mobile application platform that allows for rapid deployment with minimal investment in dollars and/or IT resources.

Easy To Use

Just drive! Trip function lets drivers know when they earned per diem.

Flexible Driver Types

Supports individual and team drivers operating both ELD-exempt and non-exempt vehicles.

Automated Per Diem Reporting

Say “Goodbye” to ELD backups! Receive automated IRS-compliant fleetwide per diem payroll reports

Data Plan Friendly

An average driver on the road for 25 days will use less than 100MB per month
Per Diem Plus for Apple iPhonePer Diem Plus for Android

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