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Employee Per Diem Plan

Welcome To Our Per Diem Plan

We are pleased to introduce the AHRS MOBILE app platform that automates an IRS-compliant, accountable record of per diem and expenses for OTR Drivers and Fleet Managers.

What do you need to do to enroll in the per diem plan for your company?

  • Download Per Diem Plus FLEETS app from Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Tap the Per Diem Plus FLEETS icon to open the app
  • Enter the fleet code provide by your motor carrier
  • Enter your Driver ID
  • Enter the authentication code sent via text message to your phone or email
  • Create an easy-to-remember password
  • Re-enter your password
  • Login

That's it!

The AHRSMobile app, powered by Per Diem Plus Fleets, requires you location to determine if you qualify for per diem. Learn how to adjust Android & iOS privacy settings in 4 easy steps HERE

Download Android App HERE

Download Apple App HERE

Or scan the code with your smartphone camera








Mobile app powered by Per Diem Plus Fleets

Easy To Use


Select the SET AUTO-TRIP to start a trip.

  • Tracks your per diem for each day of travel in the USA & Canada.
  • Ends each trip automatically when you return home.
  • Calculates full and ¾ per diem.


The app will auto-activate 10 air miles from your tax home.

  • Confirm the alert anytime.

Drive through (transit) your tax home halo?

  • The app ends the trip, but posts the airhorn alert upon exiting the tax home halo.
  • Confirm the alert anytime to override ending the trip.



Cellular connectivity and network traffic volumes occasionally prevent the app from automatically updating per diem data. Select the Help menu then "Syncronize Data with Server" to refresh current trip.

Never-Lost Feature:  Record per diem, expenses and receipts are stored on the secure PDP cloud and instantly accessible on your device for 4 years.


Select the TRIP tab to view:

  • Per diem by day.
  • Scroll by day or use the JUMP TO DATE option.
  • Displays full and partial per diem events.

Select TRIP SUMMARY to view recorded per diem and expenses for your current truck driving trip.



Select the EXPENSES tab to:

  • Record travel-related expenses and scan receipts, or
  • View recorded expenses and receipts.
  • Add a NOTE to provide additional expense details.
  • Edit or delete recorded expenses


Select the REPORT tab to:

  • E-mail custom reports with summary of total per diem and expenses by category for the report period.  Includes:
    • Itemized “date and location” each per diem event.
    • Individual expenses recorded by date, type and amount.

Tax Advantages for Our Drivers

About Our Per Diem Plan

As of January 1, 2018, employee drivers are no longer allowed to claim unreimbursed employee business expenses, like meals per diem, as a tax deduction on their federal income tax return. Atlantic HR Solutions is introducing an accountable, company-paid per diem plan for fleet client’s in response to this tax law change.

Which drivers receive per diem?

  • Only drivers who travel away from home overnight where sleep or rest is required and participate in a company sponsored per diem program, like AHRS Mobile, can take advantage of the substantial tax benefits that come with per diem.
  •  A driver who starts and ends a trip at home on the same DOT HOS 14-hour clock cannot receive per diem.

What are the typical tax savings to a driver receiving per diem?

A driver will typically save up to $4,700 in taxes, which is equivalent to about 4 cents per mile.

What is per diem?

A per day travel expense allowance paid to an employee as an expense reimbursement under an accountable per diem plan.

Is company-paid per diem taxable to an employee driver?

No. It is considered a non-taxable reimbursement that is deducted from taxable wages.

  • Amounts paid under the per diem plan are tax free, not reportable as wages on Form W-2, and are not subject to income or employment taxes.
  • Be aware that the program reallocates your income; the non- taxable reimbursement is not in addition to your base wages.

How will per diem affect my Social Security?

The per diem pay plan will reduce social security benefits. However, you still come out ahead because you could save thousands in taxes each year under the per diem program and only lose out on $4 to $11 per month in social security benefits. Speak with a tax advisor for more information about your situation.

How do I login to the app?

  • Open the Per Diem Plus Fleets app
  • When prompted enter the fleet code provided by your company, which is always lower case
  • Enter your driver ID
  • For security the app uses two factor authentication
    • Select where we send the verification code, text message to your phone or email
  • Enter the verification code
  • Create an easy-to-remember password
  • Enter your password and login
  • View the "Driver Login" User Guide

How do I track a truck driving trip?

  • Simply drive if your carrier has enabled automatic on-trip, or
  • Select the "Set Auto-Trip" tab
    • Set it during pre-trip
    • Select "Ok" to start your trip
  • The app will begin tracking your trip automatically when you exit the tax home halo defined by your company and record per diem daily
  • Per diem is posted the next afternoon, which includes 34-hour restarts and unforeseen delays
  • The app ends a trip automatically when you return home
  • View the "Starting a Trip" User Guide

How much per diem will I receive?

  • $69 / day for each FULL day you are away from home (Start your trip BEFORE noon or return home AFTER noon).
  • $51.75 / day for each PARTIAL day you are away from home (Start your trip AFTER noon or return home BEFORE noon).

Does a driver have to spend all the per diem?


How do I view my per diem in the app?

  • Select the "Trip" tab to view a daily record of per diem, or
  •  "Trip Summary" to view all per diem for your current trip

How often should I check my per diem?

  • We recommend you verify per diem weekly
  • Select the "HELP Menu" and tap "Synchronize with Server" to refresh per diem data
  • Access the help menu from the upper righthand corner of the app on both Android and iOS devices

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

  • Open the Per Diem Plus FLEETS app
  • Enter your company's fleet code
  • Enter Driver ID, tap "Submit"
  • Select “Reset Password”, tap "OK"
  • Request two-factor authorization code (Tip: Text message is fastest & easiest)
  • Enter the verification code
  • Create a new password
  • Enter your Driver ID and new password
  • Login
  • View the "Resetting Password" User Guide

I changed trucks, how do I login to the new truck's device?

*This only applies to devices that are tethered to a vehicle*

  • Open the Per Diem Plus FLEETS app
  • Enter your company's fleet code
  • Enter Driver ID, tap "Submit"
  • Enter your password and login
  • You are now logged out of the old device and into the new device

Do both team drivers have to login to the app when sharing a device?

No. Only one team driver needs to login to the app when using a shared device. Per diem will be automatically associated with the Co Driver's ID.

How do you change Co-Drivers when using a shared device with Per Diem Plus FLEETS?


Is participation in the per diem plan optional?


Does AHRSMobile sell or share my personal information?

No. We treat your information confidentially and will not sell or rent your personal information to any outside companies or organizations, for any reason. Only in those circumstances where we have either written authorization from you to release information, or as required by law as in the case of a subpoena, will we disclose your information.

What does it cost to participate in the per diem plan? 

AHRS mobile is provided at no cost to the driver.

Questions? Contact us at Support@AHRSmobile.com or  toll free (800) 577-5813

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